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The N I E Questions and answers (For a European citizen).

The N I E Questions and answers (For a European citizen).

This little memo concerns obtaining the N I E for Europeans; For non-European applicants, the process is not quite the same. We will no longer speak of N I E but of T I E (Tarjeta de identidad) de extranjero. We remind you that in the context of a purchase of real estate on the Costa del Sol, your ATIC SAFTI agency uses the services of a lawyer. He can takes charge of the request for the N I E or the T I E.


What is the N I E in Spain?

The N I E “Estrangero Identification Number” is an identification number that is unique to you.


What is it used for ?

The N I E is essential if you want to spend a few months in Spain It is useful for: – open a bank account – Rent or buy a property – Subscribe and pay your telephone, gas, electricity bills – Payment of taxes …… Request of N I E may be in other situations, such as purchasing insurance.

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Be careful, getting N I E identifies you as a person. It is absolutely not a residence permit on Spanish territory.


Is the N I E essential?

If you are staying in Spain for more than 3 months: yes.

If you work for a Spanish company: yes

If you are your own boss: yes

If you have economic interests in Spain: yes


Type of N I E:

In addition to the “normal” N I E, there is a provisional N I E, for people not residing in Spain, but with economic, social and professional interests. Its validity is 3 months. It can be requested at the Spanish consulate closest to his domicile.


How to get the N I E:

The simplest, but at a cost, to be assisted by a “Gestor” who could be assimilated to an accountant, or to go through a lawyer (generally mandated during the purchase of real estate or business). You can take care of the NIE application yourself, but it is a bit complicated (especially if you do not have a good command of the Spanish language!) To request the appointment, although the process itself is basic.


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  1. Apply in Spain

To request your appointment online, connect to

Go to the “procidemientos” section

Click on “Extranjeria”

Click on “Cita previa de extranjeria”

Click on « Accedar a procidemiento »

Select the town where you want to make your request

Then click on “EU certados” (for Europeans)

You arrive on a form where you will have to insert your passport or identity card number (You will have to present this same document on the day of the appointment).

Then click on « solicitar cita »

Choose the place, time and date of your meeting

Print your invitation and present it during the appointment.

Voila, you have your appointment to apply for the N I E.


2) Apply from your country:

You can apply for the N I E from your home country by contacting the nearest Spanish consulate or embassy to your home. Information will be communicate to you to obtain it; Please allow a delay. You must make this request before your stay.


Documents to provide:

  • Photocopy of passport or national identity card
  • EX 15 form in two copies, which you can find here
  • Print and fill in the “790” model that you find here and go to any Spanish bank to pay the tax of 10 euros. Upon payment of this tax, the bank give you a receipt that you need to attach to the documents for obtaining the N I E.


Proof of situation to be provided:

If you are an employee in Spain, a copy of your employment contract and registration with Spanish social security.
If you are going to be self-employed, register with Spanish social security as a self-employed person.
For students, enrollment in a university, the European health insurance card, and membership in the exchange program, and proof of sufficient means.
Family reunification, proof of family link, proof that the parent joins work in Spain and has sufficient income.
Last advice: Always bring the originals of the documents with the copies. They may be requested from you.


The N I E is not a difficult document to obtain, it is the poor understanding of the Spanish language that can make obtaining it cumbersome.
Your ATIC.CASA advisor and their legal team can take care of obtaining the IE number when purchasing real estate or commercial property. We can help you, Contact us!

The N I E Questions and answers article is brought to you by ATIC.CASA REAL ESTATE AGENT on Costa Del Sol.

.. Thierry Vinerta Audoux<br>...... Author
.. Thierry Vinerta Audoux
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